Our more than 600 staff and caregivers often build incredible relationships with the people they serve — in fact, they become family. EnCircle staff received this touching email after the passing of Joseph “Keith” Kreger. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to support Keith so he could live an abundant life with three of our remarkable Family Care Providers.

Regarding the care of the late Joseph Keith Kreger and his enCircle caregivers — Terri Alston, Patricia Guy, and Lisa Guy.

From the family of Joseph Keith Kreger -

We will never be able to thank enCircle and his family of caregivers for the amazing care they provided to Keith in these past years and final months of his life. The love and care they showed to Keith is absolutely astounding. Terri Alston, Patricia Guy and Lisa Guy are some of the finest people I have ever met in my life. They took care of Keith with very little help from us for many years. They took him into their family and made him one of their own. 

Keith always loved to go out and about in town or to concerts and events, however, we were not able to take him out as often and they took such great care of him in ways his own family could not. Even with a walker and an oxygen tank, they were always willing to take him places any time he wanted to go, even if it was harder on them to do it. They put his happiness before their own, and that really says a lot about a person.

I had the pleasure to get to know the family in the last months of Keith’s life and was absolutely blown away at the lengths they went to for him. He was treated with so much love and care, and they loved to care and attend to his every need. I have seen caregivers before, but nothing like this. They went so above and beyond what any job would require to take care of him and make him feel comfortable and cared for.

I have met many nice people in my life, but this is an entirely new level. They are amazing, and we could have never dreamed of having such wonderful people to care for him. Patricia even said it was an honor to be of service. I can’t even begin to understand that, because it takes a fine human being to be able to look at a situation like this in that regard. They were so much more than caregivers. Money cannot buy the love and care they showed to him, and no job description could ever encompass what they have done for him. 

Terri really made her whole life revolve around his needs, and I know Patricia and Lisa did as well. When he passed, we felt that we should have been there for them, because really they had become his family more than we were in the recent years. They did all they possibly could to care for him. He was very happy there, and I know he had the time of his life in their care.

I want the management to know just how lucky they are to have such wonderful people working for them. We are so thankful for everything they have done for him and for giving him the happiest years of his life. We are also very thankful to this organization for making all of this possible for him. I know that technically this is a job, but there is not enough money in the world that could repay them for the life they gave to Keith. I know they are hurting and mourning his death because they loved him like one of their own family. We will be forever thankful to them for their love and compassion. 

Thank you all for everything! There just are no words to really express how amazing this family is, and we are blessed to have had the chance to have such wonderful people in his life. Thank you to your organization for everything you have done. I can’t imagine anyone better at this job than this family. We remain thankful and blessed! 

-The family of Joseph Keith Kreger